In General

Prashanth Reddy’s character & personality traits reveals that he is a bit outgoing guy & socially integrated. He uses judgements to make decisions. He is withdrawn into himself & enjoys his time alone. He has poise. He does not express emotions until they become extreme such as extreme anger, passion or stress. He feels emotional experience for certain duration.

Thinking Pattern

Analytical Thinker: He analyzes every thing. This person has a strong reasoning ability to shift & weigh facts.

Curious & Investigative: Quick, investigative & exploratory thinker who sizes up people & situations instantly. Gets irritated by gamblers .


Likes Variety: He gets bored very easily & needs variety in life . The physical drives as strong & deep , providing lots of energy.

Physically Experimental: He demands variety in physical activities which must satisfy his insatiable physical desires, often creative.


Frankness: He is frank, broad minded, approach to life & others in general.

Dominant: He tends to be in control & likes it. He takes charge making people follow directions without angering / arguing  them.


Individualistic: He calls attention to himself by being different.

Irritability: Some times Irritation towards others. Anger is present.

Areas of Improvement:

Selective Listener: He will agree with others only when others also agree with him. Analyses the situation speaks intelligently.

Physical Frustration: Presence of frustration in the areas might be relations, exercises or physical drives.